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Welding training based on virtual reality! 

TSB’s Welding training simulator provides welding training conducted by existing industries or education fields. It is used for educational equipment of heavy industry plant, shipbuilding, construction, etc. areas. Also, it is especially used for providing safety education, simulating advanced work, training beginners or evaluating employees. 

TSB’s Welding training simulator helps trainees to get efficient training by protecting from diseases and accidents such as gas poisoning, flash, dizziness or skin burn occurred from actual welding training. 

Trainees can practice Shielded metal arc welding, CO2 arc welding and Gas tungsten arc welding with just one platform and get a great effect from phased training contents and scenarios. 



Features of s-Welding
· Accurate welding simulation based on experience DB
· Provides the best welding method by various guides
· Provides various missions by postures and workpieces
· Provides itemized score and graph of training result 

What Will You Benefit from s-Welding?
· Reduces material costs and education costs
· Provides safe education environment by virtual training
· Supports long hours education and multi-user participation
· Supports diverse working scenarios and immediate result evaluation
· Procures skilled and talented personnel 

s-Welding Promotion Video
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